Sunday School

BLC’s Sunday School program is for children in Kindergarten through 4th grade.
This year Sunday School will look differently than it has in the past.  Because of the ongoing pandemic, families will be engaging in their faith learning from home.  We have been referring to this learning as Sunday School @ Home!  
A link for our Sunday School Schedule can be found below.
Our learning will be broken down into Units that have a general focus, with each unit lasting for 4 weeks.  Families will be encouraged to pick-up a Unit Packet that will contain simple instructions and information to help you work through the lessons.  Each Unit Packet will contain 2 Story Packs – one for each bible lesson.  Families will spend Weeks 1 & 2 working through Story Pack #1 and Weeks 3 & 4 working through Story Pack #2.  Each Story Pack will include a craft project (most supplies will be included), activity page, coloring page, and family pages.
Learning videos will accompany each bible lesson.  These videos will be posted on BLC’s website on the first and third Sunday of each Unit.  The instructions included in the Unit Packet should allow families to complete the lesson without watching the videos.
If worship returns to an in-person experience throughout the year, planned activities will also move to an in-person formation as part of the 9:00 am worship.
This will be a new experience for all of us, so we appreciate your patience as we keep everyone’s safety in mind while still offering a simple way to continue our faith formation.
Our first official Sunday School @ Home! Unit will start on October 4, 2020!
Ms. Alycia and Ms. Megan
Sunday School Coordinators

Sunday School Registration

To register for Sunday School, please contact BLC at (608) 924-8621.
Unit 5: God Will Love You Forever!
February 7th – March 6th
Unit 6: Holy Week!
March 7th – April 3rd