Lutefisk Dinner

There is an old Norwegian Proverb which says “that which is always loved is beautiful.”  For 69 years, Barneveld Lutheran Church has loved hosting and serving our annual Lutefisk dinner.  Many have come from near and far, which has made this such a beautiful celebration and moment in the life of our church and community.
After much prayer and discussion and looking at the declining numbers of guests coming for the dinner in recent years, the people of BLC have decided to end our Lutefisk dinner.  It has become increasingly difficult to staff the dinner for the full day with many more activities calling upon our member’s time.
We have made many wonderful memories throughout these 7 decades and we are so grateful for all those living and now deceased who have contributed to this special feast.  We thank those who have come to enjoy the dinner each November.  You made it special. 
“That which is always loved is beautiful.”  The BLC Lutefisk dinner will always and forever be loved and so be beautiful.  Thank you for your support of our dinner.